AiO Logistics Network's 4th AGM 2018
Event Date:May 20 - 22, 2018
Venue:The Westin Cape Town
“‘’I am extremely happy to be able to return to Cape Town. Everyone who knows me will vouch for that. There is something about this place that I just feel at home in. It is a smaller cosmopolitan city full of interesting and friendly people and surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. It has an intriguing, yet unfortunate, history. Everything about this place entices me.  
Cape Town is just simply a queen city.  
This is why I know that Cape Town as a setting is an exceptional place for our new and old friendships to be kindled. There are not many better places to work on getting new business and building on lasting partnerships. While here we should set our minds to working on our common future together as we help make one another more prosperous. But I also want to make sure that you come to know and appreciate the city of Cape Town and the province of Western Cape as I do. I promise that if you do this you will find a way to return.’’  
-Gary Dale Cearley  
Executive Director

Group rate available until May 23, 2018.  Subject to availability.
The Westin Cape Town
Convention Square. Cape Town, 8000, South Africa Phone: (27)(21) 4129999